The many societies involved with EFS offer webinars on the topic of sustainability. Past and future webinars may be previewed by clicking any of the links below.

Power Plant Efficiency: Saving Fuel

Presented by:  Tony Licata, Robert Sommerlad, Block Andrews, Michael W. Smiarowski
September 25, 2014
2:00pm-3:30pm EDT

Part of the ASME Energy Forum Series, this free webinar discusses technology solutions to power plant efficiency improvement to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. For more information and to register for this webinar, click here.

Water and Energy - Emerging Issues and Challenges

Presented by: Mike Hightower
Origianally Delivered August 2, 2011

At a time when fresh water availability is becoming limited in many regions due to changing precipitation patterns, increased ecological and environmental demands for water, and issues over sustainable surface and groundwater withdrawal and use, water consumption demands by the energy sector could expand significantly in the next two decades.

Sustainability and Life Cycle Analysis of Recycled Materials in Geotechnical Applications

Presented by: ASCE Continuing Education and ASCE’S Geo-Institute (GI)
Originally Delivered July 25, 2011
12pm-1pm EST

This webinar will highlight the quantitative benefits of sustainable construction using recycled materials and illustrate how life cycle analysis (LCA) and life cycle cost analysis (LCCA) can be used to quantify the benefits of green construction in geotechnical applications. It will illustrate how sustainability analysis is used with real-world examples.

Top 10 Clean Energy Business Opportunities

Presented by: Brian MacCleery and Todd Dobberstein
Originally Delivered June 24, 2010
12pm-1pm EST

Learn about 10 clean energy business opportunities that address important industry needs in the smart grid, wind, solar, biomass, and energy storage markets. Gain useful tips for creating a prototype and an introduction to specific starter kits, reference designs, and other tools you can use to shorten time to market for high-quality products.

Life Cycle Analysis Tools and Applications for Sustainability

Presented by Dr. Gregory Keoleian
Originally Delivered June 22, 2011
2pm-3pm EST

This webinar is designed for a diverse audience interested in understanding the capabilities of life cycle analysis tools for guiding product design, materials selection decisions, purchases and investments, business strategy and government policy.

SEF Webinar: Sustainable Development in the Process Industries: Cases and Impact -- An Overview of Real-World Examples

Presented by Joseph B. Powell, Ph.D
Originally Delivered June 1, 2011
2pm-3pm EST

This webinar presents highlights and insights from the recently published book Sustainable Development in the Process Industries: Cases and Impact (John Wiley & Sons, 2010), which describes case studies and real world examples of application of the principles of sustainability in the development and implementation of commercial projects.

The Energy Challenge: Providing Sustainable Supplies to Meet Growing Demand

Presented By F. Emil Jacobs
Originally Delivered March 14, 2011

The presentation will provide an overview of ongoing research and development activity in a broad range of technology areas including algae-based biofuels. It will also highlight some of company's current technologies including lithium-ion battery separator films, lightweight plastics that improve automotive efficiency, and processes that could advance carbon capture and storage.

Innovative Water Supply Strategies for Sustaining Environmental Health

Instructed by: Larry N. Schwartz and Lee Wiseman
Archived Webinar

This webinar will discuss a wide range of innovative alternative water supply strategies, from reuse of reclaimed wastewater and treated brackish groundwater for public water supply, aquifer recharge and wetland enhancement, to use of management measures, such as wellfield optimization, stormwater capture and reuse and water conservation to lower demand and/or increase supplies.

Greening Your Building with Wood: Sustainable Design for Non-Residential Wood Structures

Instructed by: Lisa Podesto
Archived Webinar

Using scientifically-based life cycle assessment (LCA) methodology, this webinar demonstrates why wood products are better for the environment than other materials in terms of indicators such as embodied energy, air and water pollution and global warming potential.