Design of Sustainable Product Systems and Supply Chains Scientific Workshop

The Sustainable Supply Chain Design (SSCD) Scientific Workshop, September 12–13, 2011, will be held at the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) offices in Arlington, Virginia. Sponsored by EPA, NSF and the AIChE Center for Sustainable Technology Practices.


Goals of the Scientific Workshop on Design of Sustainable Product Systems and Supply Chains
List of Participants, Biosketches, and Position Statements
Workshop Design (Agenda)
Workshop Final Report

Workshop Logistics: PDF Available here
Meeting Location
Hotel Accomodations
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About the Workshop:

The purpose of the Workshop is to foster collaboration and promote the development of a research community focused on sustainability and supply chains. This will be accomplished by bringing together a diverse group of researchers and other professionals with experience relevant to sustainable supply chain design.

Our goal is to engage experts with experience in several areas. From experts with experience working within a broad, systems perspective, we would like to elicit understanding of the key shortcomings of current practices and identify practical ways in which new or repurposed approaches could be integrated within existing frameworks. In the case of experts with experience working within a narrower focus, we would like to work together to understand how these approaches could be integrated within existing frameworks or larger-scale models. We would also like to explore opportunities for applying discipline-specific approaches to other problems related to the design of sustainable supply chains.

Workshop Contacts

For questions regarding travel logistics, please contact Donna Jackson at

For questions regarding the Workshop, please contact Susan Cooke Anastasi at 240-399-8753 or For technical questions concerning the Workshop, please contact Troy Hawkins, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, at

The SSCD Workshop is being jointly sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Office of Research and Development, NSF, and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

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